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Trailblazher Magazine

I am overwhelmingly honored, humbled & grateful to be a part of the Winter issue of Trailblazher Magazine and amongst these women

I cannot thank those who dove in with me enough - it’s been quite a journey

for an extreme homebody

who doesn’t even go into town every day,

I’ve had a lot of traveling this month

and if you don’t know,

I’m a terrible traveler

but the part I’m really good at

is loading up with snacks, music and podcasts

it was a whole lot of middle seat flying this trip,

so I squeezed myself as narrow as possible,

popped in the ear buds and dove in

I was absolutely filled up with listening to Jan & Erin

but yes, yes I did cry

way too many times

between people I’ve never met

probably most funny is Ryan asking me when we land,

“What were you listening to?

Oh… just finance, business, life…

I told Jan & Erin I believe they have created a little bit of magic with Trailblazher

and I mean it

PRE-ORDER magazine today! Pre-order link is below or comment/message and I’ll send it to you. Previous issues & Subscriptions are available also. It's a beautiful gift for any strong woman in your life. If you’re not familiar, Trailblazher is a quarterly, keepsake magazine that celebrates and connects you to the lifestyles and entrepreneurial dreams of resilient, gutsy, rural women across North America. From ranchers, makers, homesteaders, women in ag and beyond it is the perfect companion for those seeking a tangible connection to the rural way of life through the eyes and hearts of rural women.

And then - I can’t recommend enough - go have a listen to literally every single podcast they have

we all need a little magic

because, possibly most importantly, it ignites the one you have within YOU

To order your copy, click HERE!

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