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be there for it

this little video is just random pieces from the start to the finish of one day -

the mountain I grew up on in the backdrop,

the smell of the river carried up in the breeze

nothing exciting at all was happening...

except that I could feel the excitement

of hearing my own heart

and I know that when we are in that place,

so much more is possible

so if you needed a reminder,

this is it -

listen to that wild child inside your own heart...

life is fragile,

and you are precious


those things that light you up,

won’t let you sleep at the end of the day,

that thing that grabs your heart,

- do that -

it isn’t easier, for sure,

It doesn’t prevent the bad -

but that little spark that is uniquely you,

it is your gift,

your wild child

be there for it

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