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Bowl Cover Video Tutorial

My Bowl Pattern is a paper pattern that is easy to use - no calculating measurements or creating curves or guessing, but an easy print and cut pattern. The pattern is available to purchase as a hard copy (here) or as a digital file (here).

The pattern comes with directions and includes a pattern for three bowl sizes - including the size perfect for a standard mixer bowl.

Fabrics change the whole feel from pretty and matching your decor to holiday or a summer picnic look - all the way to just fun wild prints using up fabrics you love.

Below is a video tutorial for using the pattern to accompany the directions and pattern.

These are so perfect as gifts, I use them every day in bread proofing, or even to cover the mixer bowl between batches or a side dish on its way to a potluck or the dinner table.

If you prefer to purchase a finished bowl cover, I have them available here in fun prints & multiple sizes, in everything from quilted styles to silly picnic prints. Keep an eye out for new prints and styles as they're updated regularly. Custom orders welcome.

If you need something to put IN your bowl and are looking to jump into sourdough making, we have that available (here)!

Happy Sewing & Baking... it's the best!

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