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Extra! Extra? Tomatoes!

I actually have the WORST garden of all time this year... so instead of figuring out what to do with all the extra extra, I had to choose which things did I want in the pantry MOST...

this was it

which is funny because...

it's an accidental favorite

drying tomatoes was something I did one year because I had so many, I was tired of all the things I had already made

so I sliced and tossed in the dehydrator… and walked away

easiest food preservation EVER

comically, they became a favorite all year long

I dry them seeds & skins & all… and do NOT add any seasoning

then store in a jar or bag

you COULD pre-grind and then store, but for the sake of not dealing with clumping, I grind as needed

I grind to a fine powder & add to

• soups

• sauces

• rice

• salad dressing vinaigrette

• herbed butter

• tomato swirl bread

COMMENT if you’d like any of these recipes - happy to share

it’s a little bit of summer GOLD magic in a jar

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