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How to BOOST Sourdough Starter

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

For each of the boosting steps, using a breathable lid is key.

Any time your starter is not performing well - you notice it not doubling within a few hours after a feeding - you've neglected it a bit or forgotten it in the fridge... strengthening your sourdough starter is a good idea.

When I'm boosting my sourdough, I will use a fabric lid for a couple days while moving through the boosting methods and then back to a regular feeding schedule... when I'm ready to go back to regular maintenance, I switch back to my regular lid.

Part 1 : Feed your Starter SUPERFOOD!

Do a feeding with a high quality whole wheat or rye flour

Today I am using Giusto’s organic whole wheat high protein Bread Flour… I also love Central Milling Company Organic Hard Whole Wheat, Bob’s Red Mill Organic Stone Ground Dark Rye

My regular feeding routine is to use King Arthur Bread Flour… which I LOVE

but a periodic BOOST for your starter will keep it strong & performing beautifully

going through one or all of the steps to boost your starter is a great thing to do if

• you’ve been away

• your starter was a little neglected

• your starter isn’t performing well

Part 2 : Feed it again!

6-12 hours after your regular feeding time, feed it again! Just treat it like a regular feeding…

• Discard all but about 1/3 cup of starter

• add 1/3 cup flour and 1/4 cup water

• stir it up good

• cover with a breathable lid

Part 3 : Oxygen Boost!

An Oxygen Boost can be done between feedings or during a feeding - just whip-stir air into your starter!

I BOOST if I’ve been traveling, just got out of routine, or notice any lackluster growth when feeding

another time BOOSTING is SO GOOD is when you’re STARTING out

if creating your own new starter OR activating a dehydrated starter

OR (this happens to EVERYONE at some point)

the starter got completely forgotten… whoops!

just do the 4 Ways to BOOST Sourdough Starter

You can do one at a time or a few at a time... do what works for you and your day

Part 4 : Use Less Hydration!

the four ways to boost sourdough starter can be used any time a starter

• isn’t performing perfectly

• is NEW

• was a little neglected (feedings missed or lost in the back of the fridge)

save for reminder & reference… it’s a good thing to do periodically!

A Strong Starter makes Beautiful Bread!

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